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Smell Proof Stash Container UV Protection

Smell Proof Stash Container UV Protection

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✔️ HIGH QUALITY & UV PROTECTION GLASS JAR- Ideal stash container for those who care about preserving fresh herbs, spices & teas. Our Smell Proof Stash Container filters out blue and ultraviolet light. Keeping your herbs and spices fresh while preventing staleness and spoilage.
✔️SMELL PROOF, DISCRETE, AIRTIGHT & PORTABLE - This jar is also odor proof and waterproof. The size of the container allows you to freely take it anywhere you please. Fits easily into pockets and purses. 
✔️ EXTENDS SHELF LIFE- Our container prevents harmful rays from inserting to extend shelf life while preserving freshness potency of our herbs, spices & teas.
✔️ INCLUDES 50 FEET ORGANIC HEMP WICK.- 100 % Organic Hemp Wick coated with natural beeswax. Hemp wick is a natural alternative. It burns at a lower temperature. Burns completely with no ash trial or excess wax dripping. Handmade in Los Angeles. 
✔️ 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- We stand behind our product 100%. If you do not love it please feel free to contact us for a refund. No questions asked!