I love this hemp wick. Bought it on a whim to get away from lighters. It works really well! The wax it really high quality in comparison to earlier wicks I have used. This stuff is a deal and a steal. Can easily say I would recommend it for anyone who wants to use more natural burning methods.

Shay C.

I love this from the very fast shipping to an awesome hemp wick. This now my go to hemp with for life. Going to repurchase when I run out.

Lee L.

This hemp wick not only arrived fast, but is one of my favorite. It evenly and slowly burns, which is very desireable. The wax on this hemp wick is very good, compared to other brands I've had so far.

Joe P.

Great deal, won't be using butane with my glass any more. Also had a hakko for glass, but I find this hempwick to be cleaner

Good even burn; 1mm is perfect size flame, pinchable, and clean milky rips :)

Quick shipping too. Thank you


Love it! Doesn't burn fast like the others, really Top Shelf. Thanks.

April W.

When I first got it I thought i would burn too quickly as it is very thin, but the coating is generous enough that it gives you a perfect burning rate and the hint of flavor that it provides is very nice, I regret not buying this sooner, would spend 5$ at the store for just a few feet of wick, this is at least a year's supply!

John S

These came in a lot sooner than said so I'm very happy about that! I've used only a few kind of wick but these one are some quality ones. I really love the clean hit I'm getting, no more butane! It smells good too! So I really recommend getting these! Save your lungs!

Eric H.

Peace, Love, & HempBees