Hempbees Hemp Wick

Hempbees Hemp Wick

All Natural Premium Hemp Wick

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100 % Premium All-Natural Hemp Wick – Our 1.0mm thick hemp wick is coated in organic beeswax and all natural hemp fiber to produce a long, slow burn perfect for home or professional use.
Multipurpose Versatility – Our wick is perfect for DIY candle stick making, votives, tea lights, tobacco pipes, gift bags, retail packaging, bookbinding, or arts and crafts projects.
Slow, Long-Lasting Burn and No Dripping Wax– HempBees Hemp Wick burns at lower temperature creating a slower burn and more natural flickering flame, we offer the best hemp wick because there’s no ash trails or excessive wax drips. 
Long, Bulk Order 50 or 100 ft Spool – Every spool comes with a total of 50ft or100ft of organic hemp wick, which when used and burned normally can last approximately one to two months.
Satisfaction Guaranteed –  HempBees Hemp Wick is backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us with any issues and we’ll make it right.

      Customer Reviews

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      Joseph Rick
      My new go to hemp wick!

      Great service and wick!

      USPS lost our package and they immediately sent out a replacement order plus extra stickers!

      No compaints!

      First time using this brand and its definitely comparable if not better than other brands I've used in the past. 10/10!

      quick and easy to light

      i bought this product to help my lighters last longer. I love burning incense and candles, but they tend to take a while to catch and burn. this hemp wick, is fast to catch fire. tho it burns quicker than I had imagined that's fine because in the long run I'll be using my lighter less. its also much healthier to use if you like to smoke. tho no smoke is good for your lungs, HempBees organic hemp wick is healthier than the chemicals in a lighter. my favorite thing is the wick dispenser however!! its super cute and convenient! I am happy that I bought this!

      They're back!

      Finally got a chance to restock on these wicks! They've been out for too long!!

      No more flicking the bick or wasting the weed......

      Wife loves it.......uses it every time.......she keeps a sented candle burning in her smoke room. No more flicking the bick 50 times a session. No more wasting or burning up your weed too fast.